East Gate Experts with its presence in the heart of Europe, acts as a bridge between the EU and north America from one side, and the Middle East from the other side. Today, we proudly help our EU based partners expand or improve their commercial activities into Iraq and GCC. We are also the exclusive agent for DBV Valve Group ltd. Contact us for more information. Contact.

Prospect Vision Engineering (PVE) is where our journey started in 2012. In a matter of few years, PVE , was able to establish itself as a major player in the petrochemical domain inside Iraq. With its team having a presence in both, Basrah and Baghdad, PVE insures close contact with major industry clients and decision makers in the field. Today, and through strong partnerships with global players, PVE offers its services through the supply of various industrial solutions fulfilling daily requests and national tenders. PVE is the Iraq based agent for AUMA Actuators and VAREL drilling tips. Contact PVE directly for more information.

Rimaltech is our recent office in Dubai, UAE. As part of the need to expand our regional presence and address new niche markets, Rimaltech will provide partners and clients with easier access and communication. Contact Rimaltech directly for more information.